How To Store

How to Store Your Charcoal and Other Tips

It's important to note when it comes to storing charcoal, its critical to keep it away from any form of moisture. Leaving your charcoal outside and 
unprotected will expose it to humidity, fog, and dew. This can lead to making it nearly impossible to ignite.
Our bags are 3 ply kraft paper with an inside plastic film that protects our charcoal against humidity issues
and also keeps dust from coming out when moving the bag around, sitting down, etc.
In general, metal containers are the most recommended, as they are fireproof and less porous than plastic. However, plastic is easier to keep clean
and does not rust. Whatever type of container you select, here some of the most important tips to remember when storing:

Avoid Contact with Water

Most of the commercial charcoal available on the market today is a byproduct of wood and kindling. If you have ever tried to start a campfire,
you already know that the kindling you have to use must be dry. The same goes for your charcoal.
Charcoal should always be stored in a cool, dry location and as far away as possible from any source of moisture.
Otherwise, you might find that your charcoal supply will no longer ignite.

What to do if your charcoal gets wet

It is possible to salvage wet charcoal, depending on the type you are using and how much moisture it has been exposed to. Wet lump charcoal like our Quebracho – “Axe-Breaker wood”
that are still solid can be dried in the sun for a couple of days. Lay them out in a single layer and flip them over between days. You want to make
sure they are completely dry to the core, otherwise they will take longer to light.
If you plan to use charcoal that has gotten wet and then dried, the best thing to do is to use fresh charcoal as a starter.

Seal the bag

After every use, roll the top of your bag down to securely seal the bag. Once sealed, store it in a cool, dry, well-ventilated location away from any
source of heat or moisture. For instance, in any of the storage bins or containers that we mentioned above.

Does Charcoal have a Shelf Life

The best charcoal storage containers will allow lump charcoal to last indefinitely. As long as it has been kept in a cool,
dry place well away from any moisture or humidity, you can expect your charcoal to last years and years.

Choosing a Storage Spot

When finding a place to store your charcoal or new charcoal storage bin, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. First, you should try to
choose a spot that isn’t in direct sunlight. You should find someplace cool and dry. Ideally, a garage or basement that is naturally dry would be a great place for this. If the basement or garage is not
naturally dry, you could use a dehumidifier to help pull the moisture out of the air.
If storing outdoors or in an outdoor shed, try to keep your charcoal storage elevated off of the ground where moisture may collect. Also, be mindful that the
containers themselves be sealed airtight and kept away from any windows or source of sunlight. If you live in an especially humid climate, outdoor storage sheds
may not be the most ideal location. Look for an enclosed area that is relatively cool and dry.