Our Story

Expertly crafted to last longer so that you can keep the grill [and the party] going late into the evening.
MEAT HEAD CHARCOAL was founded with one mission: to provide a quality, clean, and long-lasting charcoal for grilling and smoking.
Like most great business stories, this one started with two friends having a dream. Our journey began because of our passion
for charcoal and our belief that we could provide the best lump charcoal on the market.
But truthfully the story goes back further than that. Our families heritage was that built on the foundation of friendship and lifetime bonds forged
through great meals, entertaining, and hospitality. Paired with a love for grilling, led to our quest to change
the grilling experience...from the everyday backyard griller to the self-proclaimed pit-masters.
Hence our journey to create the perfect lump charcoal began.

Research. Development. More research. More development.

We tried everything from making specialized charcoal in a 55-gallon drum to having a custom-kiln built in our backyard.
And while we may have hit some roadblocks in the beginning and introduced ourselves
to several curious fire departments, we knew we had the passion to provide the best lump charcoal on the market.

Slow and steady to that perfect smoke

After years of research, and plenty of trial and error, the Quebracho wood from South America delivered the exact burn we were looking for.
Sourced in South America, Quebracho, or “Axe-Breaker” wood sought to deliver high-density
lump charcoal, while offering a clean, hot, long-lasting burn.
You can have the newest grill on the market and every accessory available,
but the flavor of your meat all comes back to the foundation of the heat.

Our commitment to you

And as we’ve grown, we have and remain committed to delivering you, our customers, the best quality product we can.
Unlike some of the brands out there that are filled the potato chip bag way, with crumbly pieces,
our 22-pound charcoal bag is filled to the brim with large, restaurant-grade chunks.
Depending on your fire or grill size, it will be sure to last through multiple burns.
We believe in selling you a quality product that we are proud to stand behind. We believe in supporting our local community and other small businesses.
We’ve learned a ton throughout our journey and know this is only the beginning of our adventure.
We look forward to sharing Meat Head Charcoal with you.

Our Values

Quality AND Quantity | Lead and serve | Family fun | Source responsibly | Enhance the experience